Seattle Party Bus Rentals

Seattle Party Bus Rentals

Post-Prom Parties: Where to Have One?

There are a number of places to have a post-prom party other than your own place. It wouldn’t seem fair or even fun if, after having the time of your life, you come back to your place for a casual talk with your parents about how it went.


We are listing 5 such places in this blog to make your prom after-party a memorable one. As for the conveyance, our Limousine Service Seattle will happily drive you there and back.


At a Friend’s House:

There are many different kinds of parties one can have at home. You can organize for a pajama party or spa night for the girls and have your own video games night.


At the Beach:

Nothing beats sharing scary stories by the beach side with a bonfire in the circle. Bonfires make for the perfect end to a great night which is why most teenagers today are excited about a beach post-prom parry. If you and your buddies are planning, make us a part of your team and allow us to drive you there and back home in our Seattle Limousine.


In A Bowling Alley:

A trending post-prom party idea during prom season, bowling does make for a fun night out! Hitch a ride with a couple of your close buddies and their dates in our Seattle Limousine Rental and let us drive you to the best bowling arenas in town. Once there, loosen up a little, let go of your bow ties and allow the ladies some peaceful time in comfortable shows. A friendly match between friends never hurts.


At The Amusement Park:

Nothing can be more thrilling than heading off to an amusement park for some crazy rides after the prom in our Seattle Limousine Services. Take a roller coaster ride, visit the scary house or rife the carrousel, it’s really up to you. But this will only be possible if your date isn’t too worried about her dresses, makeup or hair.


In the movie Theatre:

If not in an actual movie theater you can head back to your home with a bunch of close friends and your date and turn into a movie marathon night. If interested, our Limousine Service Seattle will be happy to drive you back from your school to your home.