Seattle Party Bus Rentals

Seattle Party Bus Rentals

Why Ever Consider a Charter Bus Rental in Seattle for a Bachelor/ette Party?

Let’s ask and honest and frank question: would you ever consider a Charter Bus Rental Seattle for a bachelor or bachelorette party? Most people would immediately say no, absolutely not. Why?


What is it about a ‘Charter Bus’ that’s so Bad?

Most people, when they hear that term, think of a coach bus. What they failed to realize is the term ‘charter bus’ can encompass many different types of vehicles, including executive minibuses and, get this, party buses.


That’s Right. Party Buses are Charter Buses:

When people look for a Charter Bus for Rent, they often think about that for a school field trip, church outing, corporate event, or some other function. However, now that we understand that a Charter Bus Companies can also be a party bus, that suddenly makes sense, doesn’t it?


Of course it Does:

When you’re making plans for an incredible bachelor or bachelorette party that is coming up, you want to not only make sure everyone is safe and can stay together, but that they have an incredible time from start to finish. That can be insured by relying on a genuine party bus from an experienced and quality company.


Don’t fall for Common Traps:

There are many small, new companies that try to deceive people with pictures of party buses and incredibly luxurious limousines on their website, even though they only have an old limo that is showing its age and a converted old school bus that they call a party bus.


Just make sure the Charter Bus Company you hire will back up their claims of a true party bus for this bachelor or bachelorette party.