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Seattle Party Bus Rentals

Land the Job with these 7 Essential Interview Tips

Interview and work performance reviews often make the best of workers anxious. People will put it in their minds that it’s a make or break situation. Often taking a practical approach will help ease your mind and make the interview go more smoothly.


If the choice is left up to you, schedule your interview during a time in which the interviewer is likely to be relaxed. This means mid-morning at office type jobs, between 2-4pm at restaurants, and evenings for retail and customer service jobs.


Know what you’re going to say and speak with your hands. This means you may have to practice. What are some things that you can share that are beneficial about you? What can you offer to the company? Draw them to what you’re saying in by using hand gestures as you speak.


Be confident. Speak clearly, and always introduce yourself with a firm handshake and a smile. Not feeling confident? Boost your endorphins with light exercise and good mood foods like fruit and chocolate that morning.There is a lot of information out there that tells the interviewee’s to be like the one that is interviewing them, to mirror their posture, mannerisms, and to find something in common.


Essentially they are trying to have you make a connection, getting them to feel comfortable with you and like you. If you want a job you actually like, are mindful of to what extend you would have to do this. If your boss is stiff and uncomfortable, the workplace underneath him could reflect that and you’ll find yourself unhappy with the position you’ve landed.


If you already know that you need to be a very people person for the position, offer a story and a little laugh. Maybe a story about a Seattle Party Buses loved you for? But don’t say too much. Maybe not tell your future boss about the Party Bus of Seattle went a little crazy on! Make sure the story shows you as a person that can benefit the workplace.